Web Series

Web Series is an Intensive, meaning it happens in a short time span (1 day in NYC, or 2 days on Zoom). The course includes a mixture of lectures and exercises. It’s open to writers of any level. Farther down, you can view a syllabus for this course.

You don’t have to wait for a studio or production company to “pick up” your TV show. Get started yourself by creating a web series—short episodes created for release on the internet. (You can also make one-offs, like a short movie or comedy sketches.)

A web series is a great way to showcase your work as a writer or director or actor. Yes, it takes time and a little money to do it well, but it’s not unrealistic that you can produce a series on your own, if you know what you’re doing. If your show gets enough attention, it could truly boost your show business career.

See how far a video camera and your imagination can take you.

About Web Series
Web Series

The amount of information the teacher gave was amazing.

Ericka Mitton

retail management exec

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This course gives an overview of the basics of writing/making a web series. Course components:
     Brief lectures
     Writing exercises

     Conceiving a Premise
     Outlining Episodes
     Writing Episodes
     Playing Producer
     Funding, Pitching, and Showing

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.