Comics & Graphic Novels

Comics & Graphic Novels

Comics & Graphic Novels is an Intensive, meaning it happens in a short time span (1 day in NYC, or 2 days on Zoom). The course includes a mixture of lectures and exercises. It’s open to writers of any level. Farther down, you can view a syllabus for this course.

Comics and graphic novels marry words and images to tell a story that leaps off the page unlike any other art form.

These illustrated narratives range from strips like Calvin and Hobbes, to traditional comic series like Watchmen and Wonder Woman, to book-length novels and memoirs like Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, Mariko and Jillian Tamaki’s This One Summer, and John Lewis’s March. Yes, they embrace silliness and superheroes and serious literature—anything you can imagine is fair game.

Here you’ll explore how these stories work, focusing on the fundamentals of visual storytelling, as well as the way these images merge with words. Though you’ll be experimenting with illustration in class, no artistic background is required.

About Comics & Graphic Novels
Comics & Graphic Novels

An excellent introduction to graphic literature, by a published author/cartoonist who understood what she was talking about.

Christy Mihaly


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This course gives an overview of the basics of writing/illustrating comics and graphic novels. Course components:
     Brief lectures
     Writing exercises

     Introduction to Comics and Graphic Novels
     Visual Storytelling
     Point of View
     Breaking In

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.